What can I do for you?

If your project needs a human voice to bring life, meaning, emotion or clarity to your written word, that’s my bailiwick.

It’s in my wheelhouse.

My decades-long skill in front of the mic means you get the script interpretation of a schooled talent with the polished audio quality of a studio producer.

Not just any voice!


professional male voice actor

WoVO® Approved Professional Studio

And speaking of studio quality, my studio and audio quality has been reviewed and approved by audio engineers at World Voices Organization (WoVO®). The WoVO® Technical Studio Approval Program evaluates voiceover studios for materials and construction, acoustical properties, audio chain and equipment, and microphone technique. My studio passed with flying colors which permits me to proudly display the WoVO® Studio Approved badge.

This means you can rest easy about the audio quality I provide.

What is your project?

  • An eLearning or training module?
  • A commercial?
  • Public Service Announcement?
  • Promo?
  • Imaging for a TV or radio station?
  • Documentary?
  • Industrial/corporate presentation?
  • PowerPoint or kiosk slideshow?
  • YouTube video?
  • Internal staff personnel development project?
  • B2B promotion?
  • IVR or telephone on-hold system greeting?
  • Interactive/online content?
  • Program interstitials?
  • Convention or awards show introductions?
  • Podcast introduction?

I’ve done them all and I can do yours for you too!

male promo voice actor skills matches next paragraph

You’ll hear me as...

  • an announcer
  • an older voice of wisdom
  • a young millennial-type
  • a fast-and-hard-sell deejay
  • an engaging trainer
  • a storyteller
  • a close friend
  • a comforting soul you can trust.

I can also make some crazy characters appear, too!

My voice qualities are...

  • cordial
  • conversational
  • non-fatiguing
  • welcoming
  • relatable

It's a mix of "experience" and "accessibility" that my clients appreciate for projects needing a sincere, engaging, and approachable voice.

I specialize in explainer/e-learning, industrials, documentary narrations, and audio production services.

Working with me

You’ll get personalized service to ensure that I get what you need, with your direction, the first time with as few re-tracks as possible.

I also strive to get your audio back to you on the same day, if not within a few hours.  It’s part of my service pledge to you and many of my clients have stated how appreciative they are for my responsiveness and turnaround time.